Real Madrid

Real Madrid replaces Asensio from Bayern Munich

Real Madrid’s squad still has many names on its agenda and the club is already considering using Asensio’s sale money to sign the German player. It would be an exchange with a few million a few extra. Real Madrid does not give up the option to sign with Serge Gnabry. The white …

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Isco slaps Mourinho

Isco will not play for Roma. The current Conference League champion wants to strengthen his midfield for next season, especially after Mkhitaryan’s departure to Inter, and the former Real Madrid player was selected to fill that vacancy. However, Isco has ruled out this option. As we know, Mourinho’s team made a very …

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Real Madrid steals an “important man” from Simeone

Tensions remain high between Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid. The famous “non-aggression pact” between the two capital clubs has been broken, and now, moves in either direction could come as a surprise. So far, the focus of hostilities seemed to lie in the academies. An example is “Jesus Fortea”, a young player in …

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