Resentment in Real Madrid dressing room after Rayo Vallecano game

Real Madrid found themselves with an unexpected opponent during their visit to the Rayo Vallecano stadium. The pitch was in a horrific condition, which seriously hampered the match, and the white team can’t believe this is happening in the first division.

From the moment the players entered the stadium, many fans on social networks noted the poor condition of the grass of the Vallecano stadium. The green had several very damaged areas, especially on the sidelines of the seats, and fans who went to watch the match posted several photos on social networks denouncing it even before the ball started rolling.

Courtois explodes

“It is always better to play on a good court. Everyone has their budget, but for the League, this view is not good. If we want to give a better picture, the grass must be fine. Courtois complained after the match in front of Movie Star microphones.

The Belgian goalkeeper, who once again made a great match at Rayo Vallecano, only noted that playing in these conditions not only harms the show, but is also dangerous for the players themselves.

It was not only Real Madrid fans who pointed out the poor condition of the grass in Vallecas, but the Rayo fans themselves lamenting the poor condition of their stadium and accusing La Liga. Of course, says Courtois, these photos are damaging to the league but it has especially damaged Rayo’s reputation.

widespread complaint

Journalist Nacho Aranda wondered how possible such an image would be: “Does the Vallecano stadium really pass the La Liga match director’s tests? Can’t Rayo Vallecano be forced to spend money on some garden lamps that other clubs have? Does the stadium correspond to the international image of the League? “

This skepticism is the same in Real Madrid’s dressing room, which feels that their health is at risk. What drove the players crazy was that they decided to water the lawn before the match and after the first half, despite the fact that it was clear that new holes would form.

Between the mismanagement of Rayo’s leaders and the ineffectiveness of Tebas, the match could have ended in misfortune with one player injured. Fortunately, there have been no major evils that warrant regret, but Real Madrid are making a public complaint so that officials can take action together.

Source: Defensa Central

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