Real Madrid to Asensio: “You have only two options”

Real Madrid will not be afraid of the offers and demands of Marco Asensio, who, as happened with Raphael Varane, will have to choose between money or being part of the club’s new era. Marco Asensio’s future will depend on his hunger for glory or his financial ambition.

Marco Asensio will be the final decision-maker in his future, and they have already made it clear to him at Real Madrid that only his decisions will determine what happens in the coming months.

At the club they will not be afraid of the financial demands of a player who, although he wants to be part of the team for next season, is closer than ever to following the erroneous footsteps of Raphael Varane.

Real Madrid have expressed their desire to renew that contract, which expires in June 2023, but with a series of conditions that will be fixed and no one within the club intends or will agree to change them. Under which Asensio will be able to be part of the upcoming project, but he will not charge more euros than those eight million he receives every 12 months at the moment.

It is undeniable that the player has regained his best form at the hands of Carlo Ancelotti, and also that the contracts that will come to the club in the summer will occupy all the economic efforts of the entity for the next season. Real Madrid hope Asensio does not tighten his rope further, but they have already reminded him of what happens when someone seeks to “blackmail” the club.

Walk in Varane’s footsteps

This is not the first time that Real Madrid finds itself in such a scenario. There have been many occasions where a player with minutes, a good contract and a leadership role in the team has asked for a big raise to continue the association with the entity. In Valdebebas they have always been outspoken in the face of this situation, making the ambition of characters like Raphael Varane the only culprit in the future of his career.

Asensio’s departure is closer than ever, and although the club hope not to follow Varane’s steps and tactics to improve his contract before he leaves for Manchester United, they reminded the player once again: money or glory, the choice Asensio will have to make between now and 31 June.

Source: Defensa Central

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