Mbappe undertakes to pay the price for his decision

Once again Mbappe won the best player award in France’s victory over Poland. The Paris Saint-Germain player scored two goals and set up another for Giro in the Qatar World Cup final price match.

He was once again named Man of the Match, the third time he has achieved this in a World Cup after four matches there so far. And unlike the matches against Australia and Denmark, Mbappe came to speak in front of the media.

After not appearing against Australia, the French Federation was warned not to remove the player in front of the media. After the match against Denmark, it happened again, which is why FIFA decided to fine the player and the federation.

There have been several speculations as to the reasons for the player’s decision not to appear in front of the media such as avoiding distractions with questions about his future, or about issues that have little to do with the World Cup or image rights or not wanting to be associated with the promotion of alcohol products, given that the Man of the Match award is sponsored by a beer brand. .

After winning his third World Cup best player award, Mbappe spoke to the media and said, “I have nothing against journalists, if I don’t come to talk, it is because I need to focus fully on competition and not waste energy on other things.”

He also stated that he would pay the price for his decision and pay the fine imposed by FIFA himself after not appearing in the media after the matches between Australia and Denmark.

Mbappe also spoke about his ambition to win the World Cup: “This World Cup is my obsession, it is my dream competition. I built my entire season around this competition, I prepared myself to the fullest, both physically and mentally, to win it, which is the goal I set for myself even though it is still far away and the only goal is to win the World Cup and the rest is secondary.”

Regarding the match against Poland, he commented: “It was not an easy match, the opponent made it difficult for us, but we knew how to control the situation and overcome the difficult moments we went through, and we are happy to continue the adventure.”

Source: Marca

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