Asensio situation in Real Madrid turns upside down

Marco Asensio proved that nothing is impossible. Without a contract renewal offer, he faced a troubled summer with Real Madrid managers. In the end, he stayed, and made use of every moment in training and, of course, during matches. He did not give up, and he managed to overturn what seemed to be an impossible situation.

Although Asensio did not play much, he made visible contributions and managed to fit in with the dynamics of the team. This is why those in charge at Valdebebas believe that Asensio’s contract renewal will be in their best interest and beneficial for Real Madrid’s future.

There is currently no renewal offer on the table, but the club has made it clear that it intends to rely on the player in the future. They saw a change in the player’s attitude, as well as his acceptance of a secondary role within the team.

It is believed that his agent, Jorge Mendes, will receive a message about the renewal in the coming days, and this could be the first of many pending renewals to be completed.

Many unfounded rumors spread during the summer months. Asensio got offers, some of which were very lucrative, but he always intended to stay at Real Madrid.

The player has always prioritized staying at Real Madrid over all other options. He was outspoken and fought for it. At no point did he let himself get carried away, despite the difficult circumstances of his past.

The goal for the player now is to participate in the World Cup, and if he does, he will travel to Qatar with a clear idea of ​​the upcoming renewal in his head.

By staying calm and knowing how to communicate effectively on a daily basis, this player who was used sparingly at the start of the season may now have a long-term future at Real Madrid.

source: marca

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