Haaland: “I can’t say «no» to Real Madrid”

Haaland’s start to the season with Guardiola at Manchester City dispelled any doubts about his signature as he breaks all Premier League records. Ten goals in six matches, some numbers show that the Norwegian was right in choosing to join City. Only a few months after the announcement of the English team, his adaptation became astonishing.

The Norwegian is not only a superstar in world football. A few weeks ago, he signed an advertising contract with the telecom company Viaplay. In addition to carrying out this work, they reached an agreement to produce a documentary film entitled: “Haaland Choice”. Its content will be published on Saturday exclusively for users of the platform. In this documentary, Haaland and his father detail the final selection of the striker.

Undoubtedly, the powerfully astonishing thing is how both the striker and his father measured each step that had to be taken. They knew Haaland could sign at any club in the world and so they evaluated every detail.

During the documentary you can see how the attacking journalist asks about Real Madrid: “How can you say no to a legendary club like Real Madrid?” The journalist was questioned. Haaland answered after seconds of silence and a smile: “Good question. You can not do that”.

At that moment, Alf-Inge Haaland (the father of the City striker) explained the real reason for Real Madrid’s refusal: “We have a criterion in mind, who needs a striker number 9”? Manchester City is the ideal option, while Real Madrid does not because of the way Benzema plays now as the number 9 striker.”

And he concluded: “Will they succeed in signing Mbappe? Haaland’s fate was the club at which the Norwegian “was essential from the first minute. In Madrid it was the character of Benzema and the suspicions of Mbappe. On the other hand, the city fulfilled all our conditions.”

source: marca

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