Florentino Perez told Tchouameni unforgettable words after Real Betis match

Aurelien Chuamini has arrived at Real Madrid with the task of giving Casemiro a break. The transfer market saw a change in scenario and the Brazilian ended up leaving the club. And this forced the Frenchman to take a step forward, which he took advantage of perfectly. His match against Real Betis was excellent and Florentino wanted to encourage him.

Chuamini was the best player in the match between Real Madrid and Real Betis. The Frenchman imposed his physical strength and allowed Ancelotti’s team to settle in the middle of the opponent’s court.

In addition, the French player demonstrated a taste for the ball that Casemiro did not have on many occasions, being one of the most complete defensive midfielders in the world.

He stole against Betis, passed with great success, gave match continuity and allowed pressure to be installed on the opposite court. The Bernabéu surrendered to him, as did Casillas as a commentator, and as the Defence Central network learned, Florentino did as well.

The president ended up being particularly happy with the Frenchman’s match and received endless online congratulations on his signing. Signed again showing the president’s nose.

But that wasn’t all, Florentino Perez came down to the locker room after the match and told him in fluent French: “Looks like you’ve been here for 10 years.” Words that filled Chomini with pride and thanked the president for them.

Source: Defensa Central

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