Ancelotti announces: “Four players will end their careers at Real Madrid”

Real Madrid and Real Betis, the only two teams to have won their first three La Liga matches so far in the 22-23 season, will be on Saturday at 4:15pm Madrid time at the Santiago Bernabeu.

The coach of the current champions, Carlo Ancelotti, analyzed the confrontation against Verdeblancos in the Valdebebas press room. He also talked about the recently completed market and Real Madrid’s goals, which the coach considers covered by the arrival of Rudiger and Chuamini.

Feelings before returning to play on your land

“Good feelings. We had a good time at the Bernabeu last year and hopefully it will be the same this season. It’s a tough match against a strong opponent. Let’s see if it will be a positive factor for us.”

Matches at the Bernabéu

“Our idea does not change, we want to maintain the same identity. On our land we want to be more powerful and aggressive, but our identity does not change. Real Betis are in good dynamics and confidence, but we are fine. Now the season starts because we start playing every three days, but the team is ready.”

Real Madrid, favorites to win trophies

“Every season has its dynamics, and I think the league will be more competitive. And the Champions League does not have a favorite yet, it depends on what happens in March and April. We have less suspicion than last year at this point. We have very good coverage in all positions and we will compete and fight.”

The power of the English Premier League

“I don’t know when this will stop. The goal of all leagues, not just La Liga, is to get closer to them by improving the quality of the game, the atmosphere, and new stadiums, without violence. The English Premier League has come a long way with the sale of TV rights, it has outperformed the other leagues, there is a good atmosphere, without violence, the atmosphere is very good, with a full and functional stadium. They have an advantage and a purpose. Others should improve these aspects above all else.”


“It is not affected, it is working fine. Three games is not enough for evaluation. I am sure he will play an important role this season.”

Tchouameni’s rule

“In terms of characteristics he is the most suitable player for this position, but Camavinga played there and Kroos is very reliable. It depends on how we want to play, if you want more control, Kroos is very precise in passing, if you need more energy then Chuamini and Camavinga can do it better.”

“Aurelin is a great midfielder, very focused on his work. It was an unusual signature for the club. The midfield team is very strong because we have everything, strength, energy, quality, positioning. We are very good there, the problem is choosing the top three, but with changes we can change the dynamics of the games at all times.”


“We never thought about signing more players. In the departures we are evaluating the situations of Casemiro and Asensio, but I am happy that those who remain have always achieved and will do again this year. There are many players who only have a one-year contract. But this is not a problem.”

mission tour

“Every match is important, but it is not decisive. There are teams that start well, and some that have a harder time. Tough moments come for everyone, but the important thing is to get out of that moment quickly.”


“Last year he helped us and this year it will be the same. We know him and he knows us, he’s happy to be here. He will get his chance and he will seize it.”

Those who stayed

“Everyone has their own decision. Always play in a team that does not compete like Real Madrid for everything or play a secondary role. The important thing is not the number of matches, but the type of matches being played. In this team they are all excited, because the players who have played little will be decisive. Last season was a big part of the success because of the players who were not essential in the matches.”


“Ceballos knows he will play an important role because of his quality and that is why he decided to stay. We love him as a player because he complements a very good midfield with his qualities.”


“I wasn’t surprised because we know him so well, to invest so much money in a player you have to know. It shows everything we expected. We work more defensively, because he defends well but he has to get used to the characteristics of his teammates. Playing with Modric and Kroos is the same as playing with Valverde and Camavinga.”

short contracts

“The future of this club and these players, like Modric, Kroos, Karim and Nacho, is very clear, if they want to stay they will stay until the end of their careers. That is their goal and the goal of the club, and it will not affect us. There are many players who are ending their contract because the clubs are focused on financial factors, they do not want to risk the future, but for the veterans, the future is quite clear.”

source: marca

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