Ancelotti makes two changes in Real Madrid squad against Betis: “It’s time to involve the striking force”

The waiting time to see Real Madrid at home in the 2022-2023 season is coming to an end. It will be on Saturday at 4:15pm against Betis at the Santiago Bernabeu, and the club wants everything to go perfectly.

The main thing is for the team to achieve their fourth win in a row at the start of this league, which is why Ancelotti is expected to put the shifts aside and come out with everything he has.

Carvajal and Mendy will enter that equation, as the two full-backs started on the bench in the last match against Espanyol. In favor of David Alaba and Lucas Vazquez.

It is true that both Carvajal and Mendy struggled with physical problems during pre-season, but Ancelotti has always assured from the start that they will be the mains in their positions.

In addition, in these first official matches, both players played at a high level, in a way that dispelled any doubts the Italian might have when it came to their placement in the starting lineup, at least for the time being.

Mendy played all the official minutes even before the last match against Espanyol (the European Super Cup final and the first two league matches). This substitution does not translate into Ancelotti’s loss of confidence in him, but more to the rotation process and the fact that he wants to see Rudiger working as a central defender, which is his natural position.

Alaba put in a great performance as a left-back against Espanyol, was serious in defense and present in attack, but this is where Mendy will return to against Real Betis.

For his part, the replacement of Carvajal was also the main reason for his relief. With a fairly high injury history and with the problems he faced during pre-season, Ancelotti wants to go slowly with him, as seen in the Almeria match when he was also a substitute. Despite this, he is expected to start next Saturday against the Andalusian team in the first show at the Santiago Bernabeu.

Source: AS

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