Ancelotti warns Real Madrid players of Tchouameni: “They should be attentive to what he is doing”

Chwamini showed his clear attacking personality against Espanyol. And the Frenchman went to the field to play the role of the midfielder, a role played by Casemiro, but the truth is that Chuamini is very different from the Brazilian, especially in the offensive side.

The Frenchman likes to join the attack a lot more than Casemiro and that was shown in the 0-1 goal for Real Madrid, which Vinicius scored from a wonderful pass from Chuamini.

After the match, Carlo Ancelotti referred to Chuamini’s offensive role and, incidentally, sent a warning to Real Madrid’s midfielders: “We have to get used to those movements when he goes forward. It is important to maintain this balance in the midfield. They should be attentive in the back.”

He added: “The rotation of the midfielders was planned with Modric and Valverde staying a little behind and Chuamini going forward,” explained the Italian coach, who admitted that without Casemiro, the white team changed their way of playing.

During the first half it was seen how it was Kroos who took the ball from behind and Chuamini was well ahead of his position, even ahead of Modric. In the second half, with Espanyol pressing hard, Chuamini stayed close to the defense and cut back on his attacks a lot. There, he looked more like Casemiro, holding that position. Sturdy and doesn’t complicate life when it comes to getting the ball.

Source: Mundo Deportivo

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