Ronaldo’s message almost makes Vinicius cry

After publicly admitting that his goal against Celta Vigo had a lot to do with the advice of the historic Real Madrid striker, Vinicius Jr. received the greatest possible blessing from Ronaldo Nazario, who almost made the scorer cry. Messages between the two, are increasingly common.

More than one person has seen similarities in the way he runs, confronts the goalkeeper and shoots at full speed in front of an audience that can do nothing but leave their mouths open.

Hours after realizing that his goal against Celta had a lot to do with Ronaldo Nazario’s advice, Vinicius Junior almost cried with a message from the historic Real Madrid striker who showed the most sensitive side of the owner of the number ’20’ shirt.

They are the white team’s past, present and future, players with enviable style and increasingly close friends. The intertwined messages between Vinicius and Ronaldo are frequent, as are those tips that helped the Real Madrid winger so much to settle in the toughest formation on the planet.

“Ronaldo always tells me that when he faces a goalkeeper, it is a lot easier, and I had peace of mind to dribble,” were the words of Vinicius after the victory over Celta Vigo as the madridista realized his studies on one of the best “weapons” of the best striker the sport has ever seen. Conversations between the two of them and messages on social networks, more than going on for days.

Hours after hearing the words of his best pupils, Ronaldo Nazario sent a new message to Vinicius that almost made the current Real Madrid star cry. The words of the current Valladolid president were well understood by a player who is clear where his future will go if he maintains this unbeatable form.

“You will make us win the World Cup and you will win the Ballon d’Or very soon,” Ronaldo Nazario’s message to Vinicius Jr. continues to win fans and praise in the most important year of his career.

After facing Agustin Marchesin in a match that evoked in this way the historic Brazilian scorer, the owner of the “20” in Real Madrid will seek to honor his compatriot in the best possible way in Qatar 2022.

Source: Defensa Central

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