The three conditions for the signing that Real Madrid does not rule out at the last minute

The club remains focused on prioritizing the “exit process”, as there is still work to be done, in order to close the team permanently, after Casemiro’s farewell.

Carlo Ancelotti is aware that the squad is not complete yet, so he remains focused on what he has and is working with his players who will face Espanyol next Sunday.

Casemiro’s transfer opened some urgings to sign a new deal by Real Madrid fans, which is not already present in the white club’s offices, because they are convinced that with the current team, they will not feel the absence of the Brazilian.

However, that doesn’t stop the team’s sporting directors from being interested in a market that will likely offer opportunities until September 1.

Real Madrid is interested in the transfer market and the opportunity it can present, as happened last season, with the arrival of Eduardo Camavinga at the last minute.

At the Madrid entity, they are convinced that if they sign, it must be an irresistible deal, as they do not want to lose the money they got from the sale of Casemiro, let alone repeat cases like that of Luka Jovic.

If signed, he must be an attacking midfielder, young, with future prospects, and from within Europe, where non-community places continue to be used by Militao, Rodrygo and Vinicius.

Florentino Perez, Angel Sanchez and Carlo Ancelotti, realizing that others know they have money in the box, decide to wait for the next few days’ moves and evaluate the inclusion of any player, because they want to keep an eye and make the moves stealthily.

Source: Defensa Central

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