Casemiro receives a fierce attack from the Liverpool legend after joining Manchester United

Graeme Souness, Liverpool legend and Sky Sports analyst, has criticized Casemiro’s signing of Manchester United to boost Eric Ten Hag’s squad.

“Casimiro was playing with great players at Real Madrid, but he is not a great player, he was never a great player,” Sounes (69 years) told Sky Sports about the five-time Champions League champion.

He added: “I think he was lucky to be in this Real Madrid team. I never expected to see Casemiro play. Yes, Benzema and the other players, I wasn’t really excited to see Casemiro.”

But Scotland’s Souness was not satisfied with saying Casemiro had “never been a great player”, directing his criticism of the 30-year-old Brazilian midfielder.

The Liverpool legend said: “I don’t think he has a lot of passes, I don’t think he would encourage other players to play. Real Madrid and this midfield were full of other good players.”

What Souness realizes is that “Casimiro will help Manchester United to be more solid in midfield”. He also sharply criticized the 70m plus 15 in variables that Manchester United would have to pay for Casemiro.

He said, “It’s 30 years old and costs 70 million plus variables… It’s too much money. I don’t see Manchester United playing better when Casemiro has the ball.”

source: marca

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