After Casemiro’s departure.. Ancelotti asks Real Madrid to get rid of 3 players before the end of transfer market

Real Madrid started the season in style. Not only because of the Super Cup title, but because of the impressions he left behind, just as it happened in the Celta Vigo match.

The white team has been seen to excel, especially physically, which was already a regular trend last season and something fundamental to their epic return to the Champions League.

Additionally, it also turns out that player rotation will be more common this season. Against Almeria we saw Chuamini, Camavinga and Nacho in the starting line-up, while the starters made a comeback at Balidos.

In that match, Ceballos and Hazard came down again in the second half, seemingly as important as plan “B”, as they jumped after the break to rest players such as Benzema, Vinicius, Kroos and Modric.

But Asensio also got the first minutes of the season. It was one of the biggest doubts, Marco has secured the support of Ancelotti who has made it clear he wants him in his squad despite his weight he will not be a regular starter all season.

However, others who did not have a minute could not say the same, in a clear message from Ancelotti. Which is that there are 3 players he will not rely on and he wants to get rid of them before the market closes.

The first is Mariano Diaz. He’s already played hardly last year, and the fact that he’s betting on Hazard in the fake No. 9 attacker position ends up closing all the doors on him. They looked for a way out, but that was impossible at the moment.

The Italian does not want Odriozola. It was thought that he would be a replacement for Carvajal, but when the Real Madrid player was not around, it was Lucas Vazquez who performed the functions of full-back, which he confirmed as a second choice.

The third is Vallejo. Last season he was playing only with difficulty, until Ancelotti began to resort to him in the last matches. The player responded with a very good performance that surprised everyone.

But Rudiger’s arrival ended him. With the German, the chances ran out since Nacho also appeared in front of him. Vallejo is the fifth defender, and Carlito believes the best thing for him is to leave.

Source: Defensa Central

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